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Tired of having your gaming console or laptop looking like everyone else’s?

Here at WrapStars we offer a cost effective solution to spice up your devices.
From Macbooks, to Gaming Consoles to Mobile Phones and much more, we can customise and print a Top Quality Skin to not only give your device a new look but also add some protection to it.

Unlimited options on design or pattern choices!
Customised designs of your own personal images!
Top quality digital print and vinyl films!

• protect your device from scratches and damage
• easy apply and remove film
• cost effective way to revamp an old device
• matte or gloss finish available
• a fresh new look for your device whenever you want!

• customise your skin YOUR way or choose from one of ours
• awesome customer service and support
• tried & tested on 100’s of products
• proudly made in South African
• bragging rights for days with your friends!

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